A sophisticated wedding in Italy

I would like to tell you about a wedding day the last summer, a sophisticated wedding in Brianza.

Brianza is unknown to foreign couples, there are wonderful villas, historic buildings, Castle, etc… It is situated between Lake Como and Milan.

Brianza is a strategic place to get married because you can visit Milan or Lake Como and organize the food and wine tour with your guests.

This summer I organized a wonderful wedding of a mixed couple. The bride is Italian and the groom is Indian… Unfortunately, the close family of the groom couldn’t arrive from India because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

There was the close family of the bride, some colleagues, and friends of the couple.

Sophisticated weddings starts from the project, planning, and, in the end, the realization of the wedding day taking care of every detail

First there was the religious ceremony in the near and little Catholic church. Organization time was okay but not for the delay of some guests… a problem, especially for the priest!!

It was a fantastic ceremony and the delay of some guests was forgot immediately. The couple has waited a long time for their wedding cause of Covid restriction and finally, they were able to get married!

After the ceremony, there was a wonderful reception with appetizers in the park and dinner in the villa. The aperitif was the just moment for the guests to meet and to speak and for the groom to contact their close family in India.

The luxury villa has an enormous Italian garden and manyย flowerbeds with colorful flowers.

The reception was continued inside the location, an elegant dinner room with romantic colours…

It was night when there was the cutting of the wedding cake… The lights, candles, a perfect atmosphere… amazing!

The romantic moment is followed by the “lancio del bouquet” an Italian tradition born in France where the bride throws his bouquet to other young women. One of them takes the bridal bouquet and will get married in the next future.

Today this “lancio del bouquet” is usually after the cake is cut.

After the cake cutting, there started the dances. A fantastic moment with international music, especially Indian music! It is a special music that influenced all guests.

The event ended at 1 am, we were tired but enthusiastic to have organized this unforgettable day.

Italy is rich in unforgettable landscapes and venues but the support of the wedding planner is very important if you wish for a customizable and original wedding day…

We can search for a venue and organize your Italian experience to take care of every detail.

For example, we can organize an elegant welcome dinner for your guests and you or a tour in the lakes’ area, etc… Your wedding will a special event!

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