Getting married in Liguria

If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy, Liguria can be a perfect destination.

Liguria is a region situated in North/West of Italy.

It is a natural place with magical scenarios between mountains and sea.

For example, you could celebrate a civil wedding in a lot of venues or get married on the beach.

It is possible to create a marine setting up for your wedding day with blue and white colours. The classic blue is the Pantone colour for 2020 and similar to the blue Liguria sea.

The artistic products and traditional foods could be your special gifts for your guests. Liguria is famous around the world for “Pesto” made with basilic.

Where could it be the wedding reception?

Your reception could be in a typical restaurant/hotel on the beach or in a historical villa or near the fishes…The wonderful places as the famous “Cinque Terre” where you can visit the little and picturesque towns.

Genua is a typical Mediterranean city with its little roads and a famous Aquarium… A wedding reception near a shark, great!!

Are you planning a destination wedding in Italy?

My wedding in Liguria

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