Italy, a dream destination wedding

Italy is a dream destination wedding and honeymoon

It is also a wonderful country to visit the artistic and historical beauties and to taste the good food and wine

You can get married in a lot of venues in Italy according to your wishes. For example, a villa, a castle, a historical building, a traditional restaurant, etcโ€ฆYou can visit the cities of art or make a wine and food tour with your guests together, before or after the wedding day.


How to do to search for a wedding venue or the suppliers?

You can search for the suppliers on the internet but you don’t know them. It is well to have a local wedding planner that will help you in the choices.

How do you choose an Italian wedding planner if you don’t know it?

Today, you can know directly an Italian wedding planner by Skype or Whatsapp video. The direct contact is the best option to understand the professionalism of the wedding planner. Also, you can read the wedding planner reviews but I suggest to know him.

The best wedding planner will create empathy with you. The direct contact will be very importantย  also for the wedding organization

Empathy is basic to create your dream wedding! A dream wedding in Italy!

The wedding planner will understand your wishes. He will plan the wedding according to your needs and budget.

Alternatively, some spouses have a wedding planner from their country to organize your wedding in Italy. Sometimes these wedding planners search for a wedding planner in Italy. An Italian wedding planner knows more about the marketplace in Italy than a wedding planner from a foreign country. This is also a good option for a foreign couple.

My agency helps already some foreign wedding planners to organize weddings in Italy.

Your “I do in Italy” it’s possible with the Future Emotion help.

My agency will help you to organize the wedding in the less known Italian places also. The true Italian style!

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