Original wedding venues in Italy

Italy offers different landscapes for wedding venues.

You can get married in the fantastic villas and Castles or on a sailing ship, on the beach, on a boat on Lake.

Original wedding venues in Italy

In Northern Italy, the Lakes area with Lake Como, Maggiore, Garda, Iseo, D’Orta. The countryside in Lombardy, Venitian, Emilia Romagna, or Piedmont with the typical rustic venues. The sea in Liguria and the famous Cinque Terre… A wedding in Venice with your romantic canals.

In the Centre of Italy, Roma and Florence the famous cities of art with historic buildings, hotels, and villas. The colour of Rome at sunset is fantastic! Other historical cities and medieval villages of Umbria, Marche, and Tuscany. The medieval venues among hills and vineyards and olive trees

In Southern Italy, the wonderful Amalfi Coast but also Apulia with Trulli and wonderful coasts…

The Italian Islands with the Greek temples in Sicily and historical buildings or the venues in the countryside, sea view. Sardinia with unspoiled landscapes and sandy beaches…

Your wedding in original wedding venues: Italy is suitable for your guests and you!

The weather in Italy is good from Spring to the start of Autumn. I suggest these seasons if you wish a ceremony or a wedding reception in an external place but I think is better to choose a venue with a suitable internal place. The weather can change also in Italy!

The place must be comfortable for your guests and you.

If your wedding is in the Spring or Summer season you can choose a venue with an external place (garden, beach, etcโ€ฆ) but also an internal place.

The original venues can make fantastic events but I think the arrangements can change every villa, castle, or restaurant. It is important to take care also every easier detail to make a wonderful wedding or event.

For example the flower arrangements or the candles or the lighting… a real dream wedding in a venue in Italy!!

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