Wedding colors 2020

What will be the wedding colors in 2020?

There will be the pastel colors, in detail below…

New mint

It’ a light green mixed with a light blue


We suggest this color for a wedding set up in Spring or in the start of Summer or near the water …


It was one of the color trends in 2019, it will be in 2020 yet.


We suggest for Spring or Summer weddings.

Purist Blue

It’s a sky blue mixed with a light blue color.


We suggest using this color for weddings in Spring or Summer or the start of Autumn. Also for a wedding on the sea or on the lakes, etc…


It’s an old pink mixed with violet and pastel tones.

We suggest this color for weddings in Autumn or in Winter. You can think of silver and white with mauve color for a Winter wedding in Christmas style.

These are the color trends but we always suggest to choose the dream colors for your wedding.

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