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Who we are, who founded Future Emotion, and when

At Future Emotion, we combine your personal style and wishes with our constant search for innovation and our distinctive taste for elegance, so as to create unique events, tailored to your requirements, and simply unforgettable.

Future Emotion is a member of WPI (Wedding Planner Italia) an Italian Association of wedding planner and adheres to the code of conduct of this Association.

and the popular magazine Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Abroad have awarded the Certificate of Excellence to Future Emotion as a wedding planner of the Lombardy region for 2019.

Wedding Planner & Events Future Emotion works with a team of collaborators of proven experience and professionalism.

I, Patrizia Leonardi, will be pleased to be at your side every step of the way up until your party or wedding, providing planning and management at the highest level, and ensuring that your event will be unique and exclusive, and tailored exactly to your requirements.

Future Events was founded at the end of 2010 by Patrizia Leonardi. After a successful career in the field of marketing and sales, and years spent within the environment of both national and international companies, Patrizia decided to dedicate herself to the pursuit of her passion: event planning. Her enthusiasm had been sparked by occasional collaborations with wedding and event planners: far from being a passing whim, Patrizia’s passion prompted her to attend wedding planning courses held by ISP Italian and Assoimprenditori, and eventually led to a new profession and a new life.

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Throughout the past years, Patrizia has continued her training with unfading enthusiasm, keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, which she combined with direct experience and fieldwork.

In 2016 Patrizia Leonardi is working as a teacher at WEA Academy, a formative institution for the training and education of wedding planners and event managers.

In 2017 Patrizia Leonardi is working as a teacher at PM Formazione, a regarded school that organise the different courses for thousands of students.

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Where we work

Wedding Planner & Events Future Emotion works not only in Seregno, Brianza and Milan but also across Lombardy, Italy, and abroad, especially in Switzerland and Portugal.

Our estimates…

At Wedding Planner & Events Future Emotion we create bespoke estimates, based on the individual project. The same applies to any kind of party or event you wish to see realised.

We schedule the first consultation, so as to get to know each other and talk through your ideas, your wishes, and your requirements. Depending on your timetable, location, and availability, this first encounter may take place either at our office in Seregno (MB) or via Skype. Together, we will consider your requirements and draft an estimate for our services. The price of the first consultation is 50 euros per hour, travel expenses are excluded. If you have previously signed the quote, you will get a discount on the first consultation.

The costs of the ensuing consultations will be included in our estimate.